Student Services

Our Mission

The Department of Student Services is an integral part of West Point Public Schools. It is responsible for all programs that serve as a support for students and families. We address issues related to homelessness, discipline, truancy, school health, enrollment, early intervention teams, therapeutic day treatment services, and inter-agency support programs.

New Student Registration

Student Code of Conduct

Safety Or Security Concerns

Students, staff, parents and community members are encouraged to report safety concerns as soon as they become aware of a concern.  When possible, we ask that you report actual or suspected threats directly to a school administrator or trusted staff member.

When reporting a concern, please include as much information as possible.  The more information you can provide, the more helpful this will be in resolving the concern.  Try to answer the following questions:

1. What happened?

2. When and where did it happen?

3. Who was involved?  Do you have their name, age, or grade?


State Law (§22.1-248) mandated consequences are applied to those absences considered truancies.

If a student is truant five days during the school year, then the parent and child must participate with school officials to develop a plan to resolve the child’s nonattendance. If a sixth truancy occurs during the school year, a conference will be scheduled to resolve issues related to the nonattendance.

Finally, if a seventh truancy occurs during the school year, the law specifies that the school may file a complaint with the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court alleging the child is in need of supervision. School personnel are also permitted to institute proceedings in this court against the parent(s) if they refuse to participate in the development of the plan to resolve the child’s truancy (at the fifth truancy) or if the parent refuses to participate in the conference (at the sixth truancy).

Staff Members

  • Dr. Larry L. Frazier, Jr.

  • Melinda Koris
    Elementary School Nurse

  • Connie South
    School Nurse WPMS/WPHS

  • Kimberly Overton
    Administrative Assistant to Asst. Superintendent, School Supports and Operations