School Board Meeting Information

The West Point School Board meetings are held in the Cafeteria of West Point Middle/High School on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. However, the schedule is subject to change so please see the division calendar for the most current meeting schedule.

Mission and Vision Statements

MISSION: It is the mission of the West Point Public Schools to engage all students in robust preparation for a life of continuous learning as productive citizens within our community and beyond.

VISION: Is it create a bridge to opportunity that enables each student to maximize their potential to achieve academically, grow personally and contribute positively to their community.

ANCHORS: Innovation, Relationships, Excellence

VALUES: Teaching and Learning, Health and Safety, Equity, and Resources

School Board Members with Superintendent

From left to right: Cherwanna Braxton, Kay Lawson, Larry Frazier, Jr., Paul Diggs, Laura Shreaves, and Elliot Jenkins


2 months ago

  • To ensure the development of basic skills, mastery of Standards of Learning, and fulfillment of state and federal educational requirements as a foundation for all further academic growth and achievement.
  • Ensure students have the necessary skills to participate and compete in a global society. 
  • Ensure and facilitate partnerships with families and the school community. 
  • Provide an environment that will attract and retain high-quality staff. 
  • Maintain facilities and environments that are safe, inviting, respectful, supportive and efficient.