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West Points 2017 / 2018 PTO Coordinators (tentative)
Event Coordinators
- Crab Carnival:
- McTeacher Nights: Sarah C.
- Daddy Daughter Dance: Cyndi Lane
- Senior Faculty Game:
- Mother/Son Game Night:
- Movie Nights:
- Good Choices Carnival:
- Field Day:
- Holiday Shop: Melissa S.
-Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Holly
- Teacher Snacks
- Pizzas for Back to School Nights
- Teacher appreciation week
- Monthly Token of Appreciation
- Communications Coordinator: Jessica
- Website
- Membership
Fundraiser Coordinators
- Spirit Wear: Rosa
- Spring Fundraiser:
- Fall Fundraiser
- Middle School Fundraisers
- High School Fundraisers
West Point PTO Meeting Minutes October 2017
WPPTO Meeting Minutes 10/10/17
Attendees: Angela R., Angela S., Bobbi, Melissa S., Amber, Jessica, Holly,
Sarah, Ms. Ball, Mr. Leach,
(all attendees received a copy of the Budget Report and West Point Combined
Parent Teacher Organization Bylaws)
I. Recent Events
A.Crab Carnival
1.Everything went very well, Spirit Wear selling great, Rosa doing an amazing job:)
2.There were several requests for Car Magnets
B. Back to School Night
! 1. Also went well, had leftover chick-fil-a but still profited $356.00
C. McTeacher Night
1. Had a decent turnout, Sarah to run 1/2 sheet flyers to be sent home with students on
the Tuesdays before each McTeacher Night to help promote
2. Every McTeacher Night has been booked
II. Upcoming Events
A. Parent/Teacher Conferences 1/2 Day Snacks
1. Two Sign-Up Genesius were accidentally sent out for snacks, there is a chance we may
have an abundance of snacks.
a. It was suggested any extras could be donated to Pointer Packs
b. Apology was sent out for mistake
2. Angela R., Sarah & Bobbi will meet at the Elem. School @10:15 to distribute snacks
B. Holly Fork Farm WP Spirit Day
1. No volunteers need, event is solely put on by Holly Fork
2. Flyers will be sent home with all Elem. students, Middle School & High School
students will be reminded during announcements.
3. Angela checking PTO flash drive for last year’s flyer, email to principals
C. Middle School Movie Nights
1. 6th Grade scheduled for Friday 10/13, Movie Tickets will be sold for $2, includes
popcorn and water, both have been donated
2. Students voted to have Chik-Fil-A & Pizza, $4/ Sandwich, $2/ Slice
3. We will also have candy for sale
4. The SCA coordinated the event, Event will be run by Angela, Bobbi and MS Staff
D. Middle School 1/2 day Chik-Fil-A (approved by Mr. Leach)
1. Starting 10/25, selling 1 sandwich & bottle of water for $5
2. Angela looking into Mooretown Chik-Fil-A for donations
3. Biggest concern is sales holding up the buses, PTO will have water & sandwiches
pre-bagged so the table will be a Cash & Grab set up
4. Mr.Leach agreed to send out a poll to gauge interest
E. Square One
1. Students have already started artwork, need to confirm Mrs.Upshaw is still
running the program and find out when and what help she will need from PTO
III. New Fundraisers
A. Middle School has approved Candy Cane grams for December, Flower Grams for
February and a Spring Formal
B. The Music Boosters does not want to do Fruit Sales this year, offered to PTO to take
over the fundraiser
1. PTO unanimously decided to pass
IV. Member Roles
A. Hope Kopacki resigned as VP, sent out email.
1. Amber volunteered and was nominated to fill position, Angela would like to
table filling the position for now
2. It was agreed upon to present Hope with a gift card to show appreciation,
Holly is going to check with Molly to see where the Kopacki’s like.
B. We want to update the Membership Database by sending out a google form to all
1. Discussed offering a gift card as initiative to sign up
2. Add a list of events for members to check off which events they are interested
in helping with
C. Program Coordinators
1. Each event will have a Point of Contact, tentative assignments attached*
Angela requested attendees to review Bylaws by next meeting

Next Meeting: 11/14/17
Childcare will be provided