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Student Registration

11 days ago

New Student Registration

Do you have a child entering Kindergarten in the fall? Are you moving to West Point and need to register your child for this or the next school year?  Were you recently approved as a tuition student for next year?  Please use the appropriate link below to complete the registration process for your child.  Please note that before you complete the online registration process, you must first call or visit the school to let them know of your intent to enroll your child. You should provide the following:

  • Two documents to verify proof of residency.  Documented proof of residency may be a valid driver's license, lease agreement, utility bill, mortgage statement, etc.
  • Child's birth certificate and, if applicable, custody orders.
  • Immunization records
  • Recent physical
  • Contact information from your child's previous school, if possible

Tuition applicants should wait until approval is received from the West Point School Board before completing their registration. 

If you are enrolling your child to begin at the start of the next school year, please use the following link and contact the school to schedule an appointment. 

New Student Registration (2020-2021 School Year)

Returning Student Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year

In August of 2020, families of currently enrolled students in West Point Public Schools will receive an email with instruction on registering their student(s) for the 2020-2021 school year.  The benefit of using the returning student registration form is that many of the fields are pre-populated from our student database, so it will save you time.  If you do not receive the returning student registration email, you may either contact the school to have an email sent or use the New Student Registration (2020-2021 School Year) link above with no email code. 

The following link will be live at the beginning of August 2020.

Returning Student Registration (if you have your emailed SNAP code)


If you have questions about online registration or scheduling a time to visit the school to register, please contact:

WPMS/HS Carolyn Taylor @ 804-843-3630

WPES Jane Winter @ 804-843-2030

Tuition Student Information

20 days ago

Are you interested in your child attending West Point Public Schools as a tuition student? 

The following steps will start the process of securing your child's seat in WPPS.

1.  Complete the Application for Admission of Non-Resident (tuition) Students and the Release of School Records form.  The application and records release should be completed online by a parent or guardian.   

2.  The Release of School Records form must include the student’s current school. If you are applying for a first-time kindergartner, please indicate that on the form, or if your child attends a pre-school you may list that as well.

3.  West Point Public Schools will then request records from current and/or previous schools.

4.  Upon receipt of the student’s records, the Director of Student Services, School Principal, and Superintendent will review all relevant records.

5.  A recommendation for approval or denial is then forwarded to the School Board at their regular monthly meeting.

6.  Written notice of the Board’s decision will be mailed to parents following the Board meeting.

7.  Should your student be accepted, a contract for signature, a copy of the schedule of tuition payments, and instructions for enrolling your child will be included with the acceptance letter.

West Point School Board has set the tuition for non-resident students for the 2020-2021 school year at $3,000, payable quarterly (August, October, January, and March).

Questions should be directed to Kimberly Overton, Assistant to the Directors, at (804-843-4368) or to Larry Frazier, Director of Student Services and Special Education, at (804-843-4368).

High Parent Satisfaction

over 2 years ago

In an online survey taken spring of 2017, WPPS parents reported high satisfaction with their schools.

  • 97% believe WPPS teachers and staff are committed to helping students
  • 98% feel WPPS sets high expectations for student academic achievement
  • 98% say that WPPS students feel safe at school and security is taken seriously
  • 97% indicate WPPS facilities provide a clean and pleasant learning environment
  • 97% report WPPS students regularly use technology during the school day for learning

How Parents Can Help

5 months ago

Be Present: Attend open-house, back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences.  Mark these dates on your calendar.  They are great opportunities to interact with your child's teacher(s) and learn more about their classroom and school.

Focus on Learning: Encourage your child to give their best effort, but emphasize the value of learning over making perfect grades.  If your child is struggling in a specific area, ask the teacher to suggest ways you can help at home. 

Stay in Touch: Use all the digital tools available to stay in touch with your child's teacher.  PowerSchool, Google Calendar, email, and teacher websites are great tools to stay current on what is happening in your child's classroom.