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WPPS School Board and Superintendent make statement on inclusivity and ‘racially just schools’

2 months ago

WPPS School Board and Superintendent on Inclusivity and 'racially just schools'

In a statement on ending racial injustice shared during the June 23 school board meeting for West Point Public Schools, the West Point School 

Tidewater review

Board and superintendent, Laura K. Abel, emphasized that as a school system they have not always been on the right side of history.

In the statement, they acknowledged and discussed the West Point 29. Read more in the Tidewater Review

West Point Community Celebrates Graduates

2 months ago

West Point Community Celebrates Class of 2020

WEST POINT — As cars began pulling out of the West Point High School parking lot, folks anxiously waited on their front porches and along Main Street.

Nearing town center, a symphony of horns belted out as nearly all of the seniors in the Class of 2020 made their rounds during the first-ever senior parade. Read more in the Tidewater Review

West Point High School Asks Community To Come Together for Class of 2020

2 months ago

West Point High School asks the community to come together for the Class of 2020

WEST POINT — For folks in West Point, this time of year marks the end of the school year and the beginning of summertime festivities. For the division’s seniors, the end of the year makes for final goodbyes, commencement ceremonies and gearing up for their next chapter.

For the Class of 2020, their school year and graduation milestones were cut short as folks couldn’t meet and celebrate in person amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Tidewater review         
Taking off from the school, the West Point Police Department led the parade traveling up Lee Street and down Main Street. (Monica Gonzale)

Tidewater School Divisions announce Teachers of the Year 

2 months ago

West Point Public Schools Teachers of the Year


With the end of the school year just around the corner, public schools across the state are announcing their teacher of the year nominees.

Joining in on the competition, the Tidewater region divisions, West Point, King William and King and Queen public schools have announced their school nominees and their finalist who will have a chance to take home the statewide and national recognition.  Read more in the Tidewater Review

Marque outside WPPS

 West Point music department wins national 'best community for music education' award 

2 months ago

West Point, New Kent music departments win national 'best communities for music education' award

WEST POINT — For New Kent County and West Point school divisions, band and chorus students spend a lot of their afternoons and weekends devoted to practicing and honing their crafts. Putting in the hours, they train for statewide competitions where they receive feedback and more often than not, take home the gold. Read more at Tidewater Review

West Point Public School Marching Band
West Point band director Justin Camacho credits his students' success to their hard work and dedication.

District Lauded for Focusing on Hunger

7 months ago

WPPS Awarded Dorothy McAuliffe Nutrition Award


Before the sun rises and the first buses carrying sleepy-eyed students arrive, cook and self-proclaimed worker bee Kelly Cade begins her day readying the kitchen and setting up the breakfast line. Read More

All area schools accredited

7 months ago

West Point Schools exceed state averages

West Point Elementary, West Point Middle School and West Point High School were all accredited with a level one score on all accreditation standards.

The school division scored an overall 92% proficiency in SOL scores and remains above the state average of 78%.

According to the VDOE assessments, West Point schools scored high on college and career readiness as 97% of graduates received either a standard or advanced diploma. The division also reported low absenteeism with 91% of students missing less than 10% of school.

The school scored above the state average with little to no achievement gaps. The division saw equity in scores among black, Hispanic, students with disabilities and economically disadvantaged students in comparison to their peers.

"There is not a single factor that explains our students’ success,” West Point Public Schools Superintendent Laura Abel said. “It is a combination of hardworking and dedicated teachers and staff, supportive and involved parents and a town that prioritizes education.”

Tidewater Review, October 9, 2019: Read More!

WPHS celebrates homecoming this weekend

7 months ago

WPHS Homecoming queen candidates, from left, are Nicole Johnson, Madison Matthews & Isabelle McGowan

WPHS Homecoming king candidates, from left, are Eli Brockwell, Zach Gonzalez & Colton Chapman

WPHS Homecoming court, from left, Alina Wolverton-Diggs, Taylor White, Hailee Kelly, Heidi Berczes, Rebekah Parker, Jade Fields, Amy Heath, Ava Atkinson, Lily Styers, Kelsey Drudge, Avery Jenkins & Ellanah Daniel

Tidewater Review, October 9, 2019

West Point welcomes students back on first day of school

7 months ago

WP welcomes back students

When cars fill the parking lot, buses line the driveway and voices fill the once empty classrooms, it’s a sure sign that summer vacation is over.

For the West Point school division and others in the Tidewater region, Tuesday was the day teachers, principals and superintendents have been preparing for all summer: the first day of school. 

To read the full article, visit The Tidewater Review

WPES Teachers Make Classrooms More Inclusive

7 months ago

WPES teachers work to make classrooms more inclusive 

As the first day of school approaches, West Point Elementary teacher Michele Bland is doing what she’s done every year for 25 years: making lesson plans, decorating the classroom and preparing for the students’ arrival.

Teachers Posing in front of building

Keeping with tradition, the teachers tape their pictures to their classroom doors. This year she will put up two pictures.

The school is trying something new this year in one first grade classroom coined the "$100,000 room."

The “$100,000 room” isn’t like most. The design features two desks facing one another with students grouped together in the space between them.

To read the full article, visit the Tidewater Review.

West Point Teacher Shares STEM Lessons in Germany

7 months ago

West Point STEM teacher goes to Germany on scholarship 

Standing in a self-sustaining village in Germany, West Point High School teacher Mohamad Barbarji found himself on the other side of the classroom.

Teacher helping students build a structure

Learning about renewable energy storage and usage, Barbarji said he was intrigued by the complexity of the village and residents’ resourcefulness.

Instead of instructing, Barbarji was learning new things about a different culture and its use of technology.

Out of 600 applicants, Barbarji was one of 14 educators chosen to spend two weeks in three German cities where both American and German educators shared teaching methods with one another. 

Go to the Tidewater Review to read the full article.  

West Point student Kyle Lemke to compete in national Microsoft Excel competition

about 1 year ago

Student earns trip to competition

For most students, knowing your way around Microsoft Office can help make writing papers for class easier. For West Point High School student Kyle Lemke, knowing the software has earned him a trip to Orlando in June.

To read the entire article, go to The Virginia Gazette

Elementary School Honors Veterans

about 1 year ago

WPPS honors veterans with music ceremony 

West Point Public Schools held a program filled with patriotic music to honor veterans on Monday.

Students and members of the community attended as the Elementary School Melody Makers choir, directed by 

Students singing on stage

Iris Redmond, sang some of America’s favorites, including the “Star Spangled Banner” and “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” Students in the Melody Makers also took turns reading out facts about America’s armed services and what Veterans Day is all about. 

To read the full article, go to the Tidewater Review


WPHS Welcomes Honor Society Members

about 1 year ago

West Point High School National Honor Society welcomes new members 

West Point High School’s National Honor Society recently inducted new members.

Students on stage

Students must be juniors or seniors with a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and be willing to devote time to service projects, have exemplary character and exhibit leadership skills, according to a news release from West Point Public Schools.

West Point Schools Exceed State Graduation Rate

about 1 year ago

West Point Exceeds State Average While Others Fall Below

The state’s average on-time graduation rate for 2018 graduates was 91.6 percent, which follows students who enter ninth grade 

Tidewater Review Logo

together for the first time and are scheduled to graduate in four years, according to the state. West Point and New Kent scored higher than the state average, with West Point’s on-time graduation rate at 97.2 percent and New Kent’s at 93.5 percent. Read the full article on the Tidewater Review

WPHS Students Get Economic "Reality" Check

over 2 years ago

West Point Students Get Crash Course in Personal Finance


From within the safety of West Point High School’s cafeteria, students took a stab at budgeting, managing car payments and other financial facts of life in a glimpse of what’s to come.

Reality Store is a simulation in which students are given an adult identity and paycheck and are tasked with paying regular bills for a month. Participants must juggle factors such as student loans and family expenses while remaining within the confines of their paycheck.

Read the full article in the Tidewater Review

All Tidewater-area schools accredited

about 1 year ago

Tidewater-area schools accredited under new standards 

All Tidewater-area school divisions received accreditation under the Virginia Department of Education’s new standards.

Cheerleaders welcome students to school

More than 90 percent of schools in Virginia received accreditation by the state department, according to data released by the Department of Education on Thursday.

The new standards come with ratings of either accredited or accredited with conditions, instead of the previous system ratings of accredited or several types of partial accreditation.

Only 7 percent of schools are accredited with conditions, with the remaining 92 percent of schools being accredited, according to the released data.

All three schools in West Point, four schools in King William, four schools in New Kent and three schools in King and Queen received accreditation.

To read the full article, go to the Tidewater Review.

Schools Reflect on SOL Scores

over 2 years ago

Tidewater area schools reflect on SOL scores, work ahead 

Tidewater-area school divisions are reflecting on their SOL scores after statewide results were released in August.

Tidewater Review Logo

West Point remained at the top of its game with the highest scores in the region. New Kent, King William and King and Queen’s scores varied, some scoring higher than state averages. To read the full article, go to the Tidewater Review

Schools Welcome Back Students

over 2 years ago

Tidewater area schools welcome students on first day 

Six-year-old Riley Records made a statement on his first day of first grade at West Point Elementary, pairing lime green knee-high socks with tennis shoes.

Students walking into school

Riley said he is excited to start first grade and meet new friends; his mom, Allison Records, smiled at his enthusiasm.

“We are looking forward to a great school year in first grade,” Allison Records said.

West Point High School varsity cheerleaders welcomed elementary students, cheering them off the bus and into the building, along with teachers, staff, school officials and parents.

To read the full article, go to the Tidewater Review

West Point Updates Facilities

over 2 years ago

School divisions update facilities, security, technology for new year 

Tidewater area school divisions are finishing up renovations and security updates to be sure schools are in tip-top shape for the new school year.

Crane lifting HVAC equipment

The divisions spent time updating security measures and worked with local law enforcement agencies to amp up preventive measures. 

Read the full article in the Tidewater Review

WPPS Continues to Have Highest SOL Scores in Region

over 2 years ago

West Point Public Schools continue to have highest SOL scores in Tidewater region 

West Point leads the Tidewater area in SOL scores, surpassing other local and statewide average scores, according to data released Aug. 22 

Tidewater Review Image

according to data released Aug. 22 by the Virginia Department of Education.

New Kent, King William and King and Queen counties’ scores varied compared to the state average.

West Point’s scores remain at the top of all four school divisions, with scores surpassing state averages in all five categories. West Point had a 94 percent passing rate, compared to the state average of 78.

Read the full article in the Tidewater Review

Middlesex, RCC graduate, returns to serve at West Point Middle School

over 2 years ago

Middlesex, RCC graduate, returns to serve at West Point Middle School 

Georgiana Lee will tell you that she knew what she wanted to do with her career but was not sure how to get there. After two years at Rappahannock Community College, the Middlesex native found her path and is back home.

Person in front of building

"I am more than excited to be coming home," says Lee, who will soon begin start at West Point Middle School as a counselor. "[Home] is definitely a place of comfort and peace, and a place where I have a lot of support from my old professors, family, and my teachers from high, middle and elementary school." 

Read the full article in the Tidewater Review.

West Point Schools Honored

2 months ago

Governor Northam & Board of Education Announce 2018 Virginia Index of Performance Awards

RICHMOND — Governor Ralph Northam and the state Board of Education announced today that 349 schools and 16 school divisions earned the 2018 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards for advanced learning and achievement. 

The VIP program recognizes schools and divisions that exceed state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the Governor and the Board of Education. Read the full announcement

WPHS Graduation

2 months ago

West Point High School graduates earn more than $950,000 in scholarships 

West Point High School’s Class of 2018 graduated on Friday with a total of $969,684 in scholarships, grants, and awards.

Student receiving diploma

School Board Chairman Paul Diggs opened the ceremony with a speech recognizing the achievements of the graduating class.   A third of graduating seniors earned an associate’s degree or career certificate before receiving their diplomas.  Diggs thanked the supporters of the school, comparing the community to a “secret sauce” needed to lead the students to success. He thanked the government body and students’ families.  To read the entire story, go to the Tidewater Review article

WPES Hosts Good Choices Carnival

over 2 years ago

West Point fourth and fifth graders have fun, learn about safety at Good Choices Carnival 

West Point fourth and fifth graders spent a fun-filled Friday afternoon learning about making safe choices.

Police officer talking with students

The third annual Good Choices Carnival addressed important tips to keep children safe and aware, all while having fun through hands-on learning activities and games.

The carnival was put on by West Point police officer and school resource officer Bill Schramm, with help from school officials and high school student volunteers. To read more, continue to the Tidewater Review article

WPHS Honors Athletes

over 2 years ago

Local student-athletes honored at awards ceremonies 

West Point, New Kent, King William and King and Queen Central high schools recognized athletes’ achievements during awards ceremonies over the past week.

Students on stage

West Point High School awarded Shannon Hayden, Jared Lawson and Ethan Hatcher the most prestigious awards Tuesday night at its athletic awards ceremony.

Junior varsity and varsity students received pins, letters, sportsmanship and MVP awards.  To read more, continue to the Tidewater Review article

Students Prepare for Prevention Conference

over 2 years ago

Local students to help lead youth alcohol and drug prevention conference 

Seven West Point students will lead the fight against youth alcohol and drug abuse at a statewide, student-led conference.

Students seated around a table

Each year, students from across the commonwealth get together to discuss underage substance abuse at the Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project, which is led by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority.

The program encourages high school students to broaden their horizons by meeting students from different areas of the state and learning leadership skills, all while discussing the importance of underage substance abuse prevention in their schools and communities.  To read more, visit the full Tidewater Review Article

West Point Girls Win Region Track & Field

over 2 years ago

West Point High School girls track and field win regional championship 

West Point High School’s girls' track and field team are now region champions.

The team won the Class 1A Region A track meet on May 24 at Sussex High School, according to a news release from West Point High School.

Girls Track and Field Team Picture

The team’s coach Kristine Young also won Class 1, Region A coach of the year.  To read more, check out the Tidewater Review Article

West Point Honor Service Members

over 2 years ago

West Point students remember, honor service members 

Students, teachers, administrators, staff, veterans and other members of the community came together this Memorial Day to honor and remember those who lost their lives in service of their country.

Soldier saluting memorial

West Point Public Schools held it’s Memorial Day ceremony on Wednesday to honor veterans in attendance and around the country, as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Students from all three schools gathered outside the high school for the first part of the ceremony: a gun salute, laying of wreaths and raising the flag.

To read the full article, go to the Tidewater Review.

2nd Annual Community Day

over 2 years ago

West Point Middle and high students shine during Community Day

West Point High School senior Marshall Gill recently got to show off the hard work he’s put in on his art project.

Students showing artwork

Gill made a large Japanese-inspired sword out of papier-mâché, which is taller than him — and took him two months to make.

As a senior, Gill said he’s going to miss art class and community-based school events, such as West Point Community Day.

West Point residents and parents were invited to be a part of an average day at West Point middle and high school at the second annual West Point Community Day Friday.

Read the full article in the Tidewater Review. 

WPHS Students Perform "Hairspray"

over 2 years ago

West Point High School performs "Hairspray" 

Backstage was filled with high hair and high hopes as West Point High School’s Drama Club had its opening night performance of “Hairspray” on March 8.

Director Bev Hammond said the opening night performance went great, as planned. 

Student in drama costume

“I am blessed to be able to work with so many talented students every year,” Hammond said.  They always go beyond my expectations. The drama and music departments could not do any of these productions without the help of our friends, our great students’ parents, the support of our community and an administration that believes in the importance of the arts.”

Read the full story in the Tidewater Review

WP Principals Discuss Improvement

2 months ago

Principals Discuss School Improvement Plans

A school division survey gathered responses from 469 students, 330 parents and 65 employees fourth grade to 12th grade to determine how they viewed the division’s operation and quality last spring. Generally, members of the high school community participated the most, with 221 students, 128 parents and 23 employees weighing in.

West Point School Board Meeting

WPHS Celebrates Homecoming

over 2 years ago

WPHS Celebrates 2017 Homecoming

After a week of festivities, West Point High School’s homecoming celebration reached its crescendo with a parade and football game against Colonial Beach High School Friday evening. 

WPHS Marching Band

WPPS Pursue "Green" Certification

over 2 years ago

WPPS Pursue "Green" Certification

West Point Public Schools officials hope recent environmental efforts will earn the division a green certification through a Virginia School Board Association program.

The Green Public Schools Challenge encourages school divisions to adopt environmentally aware policies and procedures. Districts earn green certification by implementing the challenge’s 30 actions, which include energy audits, construction of green buildings, transportation policies and employee incentives.

WPPS Expands Partnership with RCC

over 2 years ago

West Point Schools, RCC Embark on New Career Training Partnership

School officials from West Point Public Schools and Rappahannock Community College hope a newly minted partnership will open doors for students to careers that require expanded technical training. 

Students in welding lab

WPPS Recognized by

over 2 years ago Rates WPPS in the Top 10. 

West Point Public Schools rank among the top school divisions in the state across several indicators.  


WPPS Students Experience STEM Careers Up Close

over 2 years ago

West Point students visit STEM-based workplaces

Teachers at West Point High School wanted to connect students to concepts outside of the classroom, especially around some of the latest job fields involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The ideas bore fruit in the form of a free two-week engineering summer class that began June 19.

WPPS Students test hot air balloons

West Point High School Graduation

over 2 years ago

West Point Graduates 72 students. . .

Student Council Association president William Edward Norton Jr. reminisced about elementary school floor scooters and Winnie the Pooh murals, middle school outings to Golden Corral and the international excursions of his classmates in high school.

"Wherever you’re headed," said Norton, "you are going with the knowledge that you’ve been well prepared to be the best you can be at whatever it is you do."

Alexandra Fuccella, the senior class president, encouraged her classmates along the same lines.

West Point seniors at graduation

West Point Elementary School's "Good Choices" Carnival

over 2 years ago

Good Choices Carnival at WPES

Representatives from the Coast Guard, the King William Police Department, the West Point Police Department, the West Point Fire Department, Rite Aid and Williamsburg’s Bacon Street Youth and Family Services organized presentations for 4th and 5th-grade students at WPES. 
Fireman at WPES Carnival

WPPS Earns 2017 Excellence Award

2 months ago

WPPS one of only two divisions in the State to receive VA Board of Education Excellence Award

RICHMOND, Va. — Governor Terry McAuliffe and the state Board of Education announced today that 386 schools and 17 school divisions earned 2017 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards for advanced learning and achievement. The VIP incentive program recognizes schools and divisions that exceed state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the governor and the board. 

The schools and school divisions earning 2017 VIP awards — which are based on student achievement and other performance indicators during 2015-2016 — include:

  • Nine schools that earned the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence;
  • Two divisions and 146 schools that earned the Board of Education Excellence Award; and
  • 15 divisions and 231 schools that earned the Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award.
  • West Point Public Schools, West Point High School, and West Point Elementary School earned the Board of Education Excellence Award
  • West Point Middle School earned the Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award

New Playground at WPES

over 2 years ago

Board Approves New Playground

West Point School Board approved a $45,000 project to install a new playground set with swings as well as an additional swing set at the elementary school’s playground Tuesday. The new playground set is a covered structure and features several slides. It will replace the existing playground set. Read the full article by clicking here

Principal Haskins presenting

West Point Public School Proactive on Concussions

over 2 years ago

West Point Schools are Proactive on Concussions.

To make sure all students recover fully from a concussion, all students will be assessed.


Pointer Packs @ WP Elementary and Middle School

over 2 years ago

Pointer Packs help Families

West Point Elementary School students in need of a helping hand need look no further than their school's Pointer Pack program.

Tidewater Review

Pointer Packs are bags of donated food given to elementary school students in need to ensure they have food for the weekend, said Pamela Kosmowski, a West Point schools counselor and coordinator for the program.

School Breakfast Success Stories

over 2 years ago

West Point Public Schools 

During the 2015-16 school year, West Point Public Schools’ nutrition program worked with SUDIA to increase breakfast participation by introducing reimbursable meal deal yogurt and milk smoothies as a new breakfast menu option. 

Snack Cart

Schools saw a slight increase in breakfast participation, but there was room to grow. Working with their local SUDIA representative, the school system applied for a Fuel Up to Play 60 School Nutrition Equipment Grant to support an alternative breakfast program utilizing breakfast serving carts and wireless payment tablets.  program was launched at West Point’s middle and high schools in October 2016. Just one month prior to the launch, West Point served only 470 breakfasts a month at the middle and high school level. By the end of October, that number went up to 785 breakfasts served. In November, the school system served 1,060 breakfasts a month to middle and high school students, more than doubling the previous year average of 414 breakfasts a month—a 156 percent increase in breakfast participation. For more success stories, please visit: