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2018 Division Highlights

Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award

West Point Public Schools

West Point Elementary School

West Point Middle School

Board of Educational Excellence Award

West Point High School 

Department of Education 3 Year Accreditation 

for ALL West Point Public Schools


Standards of Learning 

15 tests had pass rates increase or remain constant

23 tests had a pass rate greater than 90%

100% of pass rates were at least 5% above the state average

68% were 10% above the state average

10 tests had increases in the Pass Advance rates

9 tests had Pass Advance rates of 30% or more

15 Pointer Pathway Graduates (Associate's Degree)

6 General Education Certificates (RCC)

66% of WPHS graduates earned Advance Diplomas


Additional Highlights 

199 Industry Credentials Earned

Over 200 Classroom Performance-Based Assessments

Expanded partnerships with RCC, Bridging Communities Regional Technical Center and local businesses

ADA Compliance Errors 0