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Referral Procedures

Students may be referred for the gifted program by a member of the school staff, an administrator, a parent, a peer, community members, or by the student him/herself.  Students must be enrolled in WPPS for referrals to be considered.  Referral forms are available on the West Point Public Schools website or by contacting the building gifted coordinator, the guidance counselor or the Division Gifted Coordinator.  As part of the referral process, a listing of eligibility criteria will be provided with the referral form to ensure that all parties are aware of the kinds of data that WPPS review and the expectations for performance of eligible students.

Referrals are accepted on an on-going basis.  The referral process, to include a final notification of eligibility into the WPPS gifted program, will occur within a 90 working day time frame once the referral has been received by the building level coordinator.

For more detailed information regarding the referral procedures and/or the eligibility process, please click on the WPPS Gifted Plan link above.

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