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Pointer Pathway


This program is an option for West Point High School students who wish for a challenging and rigorous high school experience.  The students utilize the cooperative agreement between West Point High School and Rappahannock Community College to earn BOTH their high school diploma AND a transferable Associates Degree.  With careful planning, a student may earn both degrees while still in high school or they may finish the Associates Degree with just a few semesters at the Community College.

Currently, Rappahannock Community College offers an Associate of Arts and Science Transfer Degree and several Associates of Arts and Science Transfer Degrees with a specialization.  Each degree has a varying amount of coursework that will need to be completed at Rappahannock Community College and is denoted on the planning sheets.  As the requirements for a degree earned through Rappahannock Community College can change, it is highly recommended to meet with both West Point High School’s School Counselor and the advisor at Rappahannock Community College to ensure that the requirements for a high school diploma and the Associate Degree are being met.

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