Tuition Student Admission

3 months ago

The 2023-2024 Application for Tuition is closed.  The 2024-2025 Application will open in January, 2024.

The procedure of admitting tuition students to West Point Public Schools is a multifaceted process. There may be zero available spots for tuition students in certain grade levels (Please see Chart A below). This is not a first come, first serve process. If there are available spots for tuition students, admission is competitive. The application process will open after the Winter Holiday in January and will close in May. Admission will be based on the following criteria:

Previous Academic Performance
 Standardized Test Scores
Teacher Recommendations and References
 (In-Person/By Phone/ Via Zoom)
Discipline Record

Chart A:  Available Spots School Year 2023-2024

Grade Level 




Grade One 


Grade Two


Grade Three


Grade Four


Grade Five


Grade Six


Grade Seven


Grade Eight


Grade Nine


Grade Ten


Grade Eleven


Grade Twelve


The following steps will start the process of securing your child's seat in West Point Public Schools.

1.  Complete the Application for Admission of Non-Resident (tuition) Students and the Release of School Records form.  A parent or guardian should complete the application, and records release online.   

2.  The Release of School Records form must include the student’s current school. If you are applying for a first-time kindergartner, please indicate that on the form, or if your child attends a preschool, you may also list that.

3.  West Point Public Schools will then request records from current and previous schools.

4.  Upon receiving the student’s records, the Chief Academic Officer, School Principal, and Superintendent will review all relevant records.

5.  A recommendation for approval or denial is then forwarded to the School Board at their regular monthly meeting.

6.  Written notice of the Board’s decision will be mailed to parents following the Board meeting.

7.  Should your student be accepted, a contract for signature, a copy of the schedule of tuition payments, and instructions for enrolling your child will be included with the acceptance letter.

The West Point School Board has set the tuition for non-resident students at $3,200, payable quarterly (July, October, January, and March) for the 2023-2024 school year.

Questions should be directed to Kimberly Overton at or Dr. Amy Hauser at

How Parents Can Help

**Be Present:**

Attend open-house, back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences.  Mark these dates on your calendar.  They are great opportunities to interact with your child's teacher(s) and learn more about their classroom and school.

**Focus on Learning:**

Encourage your child to give their best effort, but emphasize the value of learning over making perfect grades.  If your child is struggling in a specific area, ask the teacher to suggest ways you can help at home.

**Stay in Touch:**

Use all the digital tools available to stay in touch with your child's teacher.  PowerSchool, Google Calendar, email, and teacher websites are great tools to stay current on what is happening in your child's classroom.