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20 days ago

HR minute


Please see Mrs. Custalow for licensure information. Please make checks payable to WPPS.

Sup's Scoop

20 days ago

sup's scoop

laura abel, Superintendent

Welcome to PIP!

Welcome to the Pointer Information Pipeline, or PIP!  

This marks West Point Public Schools’ first real attempt to develop a division-wide Intranet to provide all WPPS employees with a one-stop location to learn what is happening in our school division. 

PIP will also provide informational resources that you need to do your job. Now the important information will be right at your fingertips rather than having to hunt around and try to find where the information might be hidden.  

Having a division Intranet has long been my dream since joining the West Point family. I truly believe knowledge is power and the more that we share information with our staff the more effective, efficient and excellent WPPS will become. The Intranet is a way of uniting West Point Public Schools in a common community, no longer divided by the separate buildings in which we happen to work. Relevant information will now be available and accessible to all employees, when you need it…24/7/365. 

For the past three years, two of our key instructional focus areas have centered around building a collaborative culture and empowering employees as lead learners.  The launch of PIP is an important step toward achieving these goals and bringing our division together like never before.  Thank you to Leigh Anne Custalow and Jan Osborne for their hard work in bringing PIP to life and providing this new information pipeline for all WPPS employees.  Let us know what you think.