Staff Members
WPPS Energy Conservation Guidelines

Average Room Temp(degrees)

Classrooms                                                           67 - 71

Auditorium                                                               68

Cafeteria/Gym                                                         68

Offices                                                                   67 - 71

Hallways                                                                   65

Unoccupied Areas/Storage                                   55

Unoccupied Times                                                  60

Cooling Season

Occupied Times                                                    73 -77

Unoccupied Times                                                  80

* All windows and doors should be kept closed, including interior doors, when in heating and cooling seasons.

* Interior lights are to be turned off when spaces are not occupied.

* Web-based energy controls powered by Niagara are used in all WPPS buildings to effectively control HVAC temperature settings and operational schedules.

Facilities Operations

West Point Public Schools consists of two schools, one athletic Sportsplex and one central office building. The divisions' Operations Team is responsible for cleaning over 153,000 square feet of building space, averaging 21,916 square feet of cleaning space per day per custodian. In addition to daily custodial duties, the WPPS Operations Team's maintenance staff responds to requests made through the division's online work order system while overseeing school/office grounds and buildings, athletic areas, and parking lots.

Green Schools Challenge Winner

West Point Public Schools is a Silver Level award winner in the (VSBA) Virginia School Board Association's Go Green Virginia Challenge.  The challenge is a friendly competition encouraging school divisions to implement environmental policies and practical actions to help reduce their carbon emissions while promoting "green" lifestyle habits.