Gifted Program

 Gifted Program
Opportunities for Gifted and High Ability Students

West Point Public Schools Gifted Program
Parents with questions about the referral and screening process or the gifted program are welcome to contact Linda Minor, Director of Instruction, at (804) 843-4368 ext. 206 or

Areas of Giftedness and Grade Levels Served
  • Specific Academic Aptitude (K-12)
    • Mathematics
    • Language Arts
    • Visual and Performing Arts Aptitude (10-12)

Service Options

  • Dual enrollment
  • Independent study projects
  • Enrichment classes and academic competitions
  • Advanced or honors classes in specific content areas
  • Guidance services addressing special needs of the gifted,
    which may include career study and course selection
  • Core program offered through in-class content, process,
    and product differentiation by the regular classroom teacher.
  • Academic year Governor's School (when needs cannot be met locally)
  • Content and grade level acceleration based on individual needs
  • Summer Residential Governor's School (pending application and acceptance)