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WPHS Students Get Economic "Reality" Check

21 days ago

West Point Students Get Crash Course in Personal Finance


From within the safety of West Point High School’s cafeteria, students took a stab at budgeting, managing car payments and other financial facts of life in a glimpse of what’s to come.

Reality Store is a simulation in which students are given an adult identity and paycheck and are tasked with paying regular bills for a month. Participants must juggle factors such as student loans and family expenses while remaining within the confines of their paycheck.

Read the full article in the Tidewater Review

WP Principals Discuss Improvement

21 days ago

Principals Discuss School Improvement Plans

A school division survey gathered responses from 469 students, 330 parents and 65 employees fourth grade to 12th grade to determine how they viewed the division’s operation and quality last spring. Generally, members of the high school community participated the most, with 221 students, 128 parents and 23 employees weighing in.

West Point School Board Meeting

WPHS Celebrates Homecoming

21 days ago

WPHS Celebrates 2017 Homecoming

After a week of festivities, West Point High School’s homecoming celebration reached its crescendo with a parade and football game against Colonial Beach High School Friday evening. 

WPHS Marching Band

WPPS Pursue "Green" Certification

21 days ago

WPPS Pursue "Green" Certification

West Point Public Schools officials hope recent environmental efforts will earn the division a green certification through a Virginia School Board Association program.

The Green Public Schools Challenge encourages school divisions to adopt environmentally aware policies and procedures. Districts earn green certification by implementing the challenge’s 30 actions, which include energy audits, construction of green buildings, transportation policies and employee incentives.

WPPS Expands Partnership with RCC

21 days ago

West Point Schools, RCC Embark on New Career Training Partnership

School officials from West Point Public Schools and Rappahannock Community College hope a newly minted partnership will open doors for students to careers that require expanded technical training. 

Students in welding lab

WPPS Recognized by

21 days ago Rates WPPS in the Top 10. 

West Point Public Schools rank among the top school divisions in the state across several indicators.  


WPPS Students Experience STEM Careers Up Close

21 days ago

West Point students visit STEM-based workplaces

Teachers at West Point High School wanted to connect students to concepts outside of the classroom, especially around some of the latest job fields involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The ideas bore fruit in the form of a free two-week engineering summer class that began June 19.

WPPS Students test hot air balloons

West Point High School Graduation

21 days ago

West Point Graduates 72 students. . .

Student Council Association president William Edward Norton Jr. reminisced about elementary school floor scooters and Winnie the Pooh murals, middle school outings to Golden Corral and the international excursions of his classmates in high school.

"Wherever you’re headed," said Norton, "you are going with the knowledge that you’ve been well prepared to be the best you can be at whatever it is you do."

Alexandra Fuccella, the senior class president, encouraged her classmates along the same lines.

West Point seniors at graduation

West Point Elementary School's "Good Choices" Carnival

21 days ago

Good Choices Carnival at WPES

Representatives from the Coast Guard, the King William Police Department, the West Point Police Department, the West Point Fire Department, Rite Aid and Williamsburg’s Bacon Street Youth and Family Services organized presentations for 4th and 5th-grade students at WPES. 
Fireman at WPES Carnival

WPPS Earns 2017 Excellence Award

5 months ago

VA Index of Performance Seal


RICHMOND, Va. — Governor Terry McAuliffe and the state Board of Education announced today that 386 schools and 17 school divisions earned 2017 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards for advanced learning and achievement. The VIP incentive program recognizes schools and divisions that exceed state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the governor and the board.

The schools and school divisions earning 2017 VIP awards — which are based on student achievement and other performance indicators during 2015-2016 — include:

  • Nine schools that earned the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence;
  • Two divisions and 146 schools that earned the Board of Education Excellence Award; and
  • 15 divisions and 231 schools that earned the Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award.
  • West Point Public Schools, West Point High School, and West Point Elementary School earned the Board of Education Excellence Award
  • West Point Middle School earned the Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award

New Playground at WPES

21 days ago

Board Approves New Playground

West Point School Board approved a $45,000 project to install a new playground set with swings as well as an additional swing set at the elementary school’s playground Tuesday. The new playground set is a covered structure and features several slides. It will replace the existing playground set. Read the full article by clicking here

Principal Haskins presenting

West Point Public School Proactive on Concussions

21 days ago

West Point Schools are Proactive on Concussions.

To make sure all students recover fully from a concussion, all students will be assessed.


Pointer Packs @ WP Elementary and Middle School

21 days ago

Pointer Packs help Families

West Point Elementary School students in need of a helping hand need look no further than their school's Pointer Pack program.

Tidewater Review

Pointer Packs are bags of donated food given to elementary school students in need to ensure they have food for the weekend, said Pamela Kosmowski, a West Point schools counselor and coordinator for the program.

School Breakfast Success Stories

21 days ago

West Point Public Schools 

During the 2015-16 school year, West Point Public Schools’ nutrition program worked with SUDIA to increase breakfast participation by introducing reimbursable meal deal yogurt and milk smoothies as a new breakfast menu option. 

Snack Cart

Schools saw a slight increase in breakfast participation, but there was room to grow. Working with their local SUDIA representative, the school system applied for a Fuel Up to Play 60 School Nutrition Equipment Grant to support an alternative breakfast program utilizing breakfast serving carts and wireless payment tablets.  program was launched at West Point’s middle and high schools in October 2016. Just one month prior to the launch, West Point served only 470 breakfasts a month at the middle and high school level. By the end of October, that number went up to 785 breakfasts served. In November, the school system served 1,060 breakfasts a month to middle and high school students, more than doubling the previous year average of 414 breakfasts a month—a 156 percent increase in breakfast participation. For more success stories, please visit: