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about 1 year ago

The West Point Public school division will focus on the following initiatives to ensure that all West Point students are provided high quality, 21st century learning experiences. 

  • Engage in performance-based learning and assessments that offer students the opportunity to actively apply their skills and knowledge in real world, relevant settings.      
  • Utilize flexible grouping strategies to promote active student engagement and collaboration. 
  • Leverage technology as an instructional tool to facilitate learning beyond the confines of the classroom and the textbook. 
  • Teachers and administrators serving as lead learners continually refining best practices. 
  • Build a truly collaborative culture that supports shared leadership and problem solving.         

2017 Division Highlights

11 months ago

Distinguished Achievement Award - School 

West Point Middle School

Educational Excellence - School 

West Point Elementary School

West Point High School 

Educational Excellence Award - Division 

West PointPublic Schools


Standards of Learning 

15 tests had pass rates increase or remain constant

23 tests had a pass rate greater than 90%

100% of pass rates were at least 5% above the state average

68% were 10% above the state average

10 tests had increases in the Pass Advance rates

9 tests had Pass Advance rates of 30% or more

15 Pointer Pathway Graduates (Associate's Degree)

6 General Education Certificates (RCC)

66% of WPHS graduates earned Advance Diplomas


Additional Highlights 

219 Industry Credentials Earned

130 Performance-Based Assessments Given

Expanded partnerships with RCC, Bridging Communities Regional Technical Center and local businesses

Facts About the Class of 2017

11 months ago

  • 73 Graduates
  • 15 Pointer Pathway Graduates
  • 21 Governor's Medallions
  • 48 Advanced Studies Diplomas
  • 37 Governor's Seals
  • 14 Board of Education Seals
  • 31 Career and Technical Education Seals
  • 35 Early College Scholars
  • 28 Excellence in Civics Seals
  • 22 Advanced Mathematics & Technology Seals
  • 33 National Honor Society Stoles
  • 15 Red Cross Cords
  • 19 Service-Learning Cords